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The Aviation Community Foundation develops talent pipelines for the aviation industry by partnering with educational programs in underserved communities to produce confident students who are college, career and community ready.

Infinite Craft designed the brand, fundraising, website and promotional materials for ACF from the inception of the idea to the second generation of programs, enabling the organization to work with top philanthropists, renowned family offices, JetBlue, Airlines 4 America, OBAP, and a dozen world-class educational programs.


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Aviation Community Foundation mentor logo


  • The Foundation combines the best practices of technology startups with the demographic-agnostic outcomes of specialty education programs in Aviation. The brand must reflect that intersection while presenting as an education-focused foundation.
  • Brand materials face some of the largest donors, tech companies, and airlines in the world along with students from underdeveloped and underserved communities, often simultaneously in the same room. Graphic solutions must be conservative but also trend-aware—refined but hip. These tensions define the symbols, marks and lockups of the brand.
ACF Donor book and coin design


  • Beyond materials for capital formation, Infinite Craft also produced a number of photobooks and stationery packages, including challenge coins.
  • These artifacts are wonderful gestures of gratitude and keepsakes for participants, donors, and volunteers.
ACF Donor book and coin design


  • The ACF site has evolved significantly over its tenure but each iteration accomplishes a goal for the foundation. Initially, this goal was rapid capital formation and due diligence on capital deployment targets.
  • As ACF moved into a student-facing role, the site served as an activity stream and mission statement. Today the site is changing once again to reflect ACF's highly collaborative and hands-on programming during the COVID-19 pandemic.
ACF website shots

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