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Carol Comfort provides personal and compassionate health coaching for individuals. To provide prospective clients with a quick and thorough intro to her services that leaves a clear path toward scheduling a consultation, Carol needed an intuitive single-page website. Infinite Craft worked with her through each step, from copywriting through visuals production and deployment.


Google Docs Figma React.js
Some Comfort Health project assets


  • We provided early messaging direction that informed our delivered headers, taglines, and deeper service descriptions.
  • The writing process and each related conversation on her philosophy and practice helped to bring new structure to her business.
  • Web presences for individual professionals approach portraiture. We collaborated closely with Carol to make sure every word was written in her voice, spoke to her vision, and supported her mission as a health coach.
Raw copy for Comfort health


  • Carol approached us with a strong vision for how she wanted her landing page to look and which bright emotions she wanted her viewers to have. From the very start, we integrated her ideas and her own illustrations as cornerstones into the final design.
  • We molded the layout, typographical, and color choices around Carol’s chosen visual themes, continual revising to ensure the content could reach and appeal to a big range of clients.
Final design mockups for Comfort Health


  • Comfort needed a simple, blazing fast stack that could get her site off the ground quickly but would be easy to maintain.
  • We spun up a lean React app on Vercel to render pure static content delivered on an edge network for fast load times and low client bandwidth usage.
The Comfort Health website in VScode and a terminal session

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