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Copywriting, UX Design

Let’s Ledger is a small accounting firm serving SaaS and ecommerce clients. They came to us with a site already built, but they knew they needed stronger messaging, new copy and a fresh layout that would better serve their PPC campaigns.

We conducted early market research that resulted in new value propositions, wrote copy, and provided detailed wireframes to hand off to their in-house designer and developer.


Google Docs Figma
Wireframe components for the client


  • The narratives told by so many small accounting firms are almost always focused on the doom and gloom of taxes. To help Let’s Ledger stand out, we wrote their value propositions to speak less to scary threats and more to happy benefits.
  • Our focus on positive, personal, proactive financial support framed all of the copy that followed.
  • Let’s Ledger faces the challenge of targeting two very different groups of customers: ecommerce business owners and SaaS companies.
  • To keep their site simple and easy to use, we experimented with different sitemaps and layouts, settling on a tightly funneled approach that still helps users self-select with confidence.
Raw copy for the client


  • We built a set of wireframes that visually guided users through the entire site from start to finish, while also enabling each landing page to function in isolation as part of Let’s Ledgers targeted PPC campaigns.
Simple wireframes for the marketing landing page

Additional wireframes

These wireframes contain some of the final copy written for Let's Ledger.

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