Pattern Systems

UX/UI Design, Development

At Infinite Craft, we love making physical things. As we began to work on more textile projects we felt growing frustration with existing tools when we wanted to design our own patterned fabric.

While custom fabric printing is ubiquitous, methods of experimenting with patterning are rigid and feature slow workflows.

So, we built Pattern Systems. It’s a graphical pattern creator for consumer textile designers who want a simple yet powerful way to build their own exportable patterns with fabric in mind.


Google Docs Sketch p5.js Firebase
Pattern systems interface stack

Graphics Composer

  • Draw or place anchor points directly on the canvas
  • Automatic layout tools provide a number of patterning schemes for quick experimentation and iteration
  • Scale generated patterns with infinite variation or tile them on a geometric array
the vertex designer

UX Design

  • Design and upload perfectly-formatted files for your fabric printer of choice
  • Everyone gets their own local and cloud repository of drafted patterns
  • Share your patterns in the gallery, and remix or borrow components created by other designers
The draft pattern index

Back-end infrastructure

  • Pattern Systems is a simple CRUD app running on serverless
  • All patterns are simple objects with color information, shape information, layout modes, and formatting details
  • The storage footprint is very small and no graphic assets are hosted, keeping costs low and performance snappy
A login console

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