What to expect from our engagement

1. Saying hello

We start every project with a conversation that can last anywhere from 30 to 60 minutes. This first chat allows us to get to know one another. It gives you time to introduce yourself and it gives us space to explore what you’re working on.

We’ll take what we learn in this first conversation to decide where and how we can help. At this stage, it’s important for us all to have clear expectations - or at least the desire to build clarity with time.

2. Plan

We’ll come back to you with a structured outline of the work we can do, the information we need to make it happen, and how long we think it will take. This is when we hammer out concrete details like deliverables, contracts, and timelines.

These outlines are not set in stone. We find tremendous value in committing detailed plans to paper simply to try them on for size. Our goal is to see what fits and what doesn’t as early as possible, so your feedback in this phase is key.

The work that follows depends on what deliverables you need, but usually it includes iterative rounds of planning, writing, and designing.

3. Research

Our creative process starts with research. We look at your market and users long before writing a first draft or mocking up a wireframe.

  • Initial market + user research
  • Early brand development and messaging exploration
  • Style guide creation
  • 4. Write

    Usability is our priority, but we don’t sacrifice creativity. After building a foundation of clear copy, we add texture. We provide tone and style advice, making sure you take just the right amount of risk.

  • Content strategy development
  • Information architecture design
  • Early drafting
  • Feedback & revisions
  • 5. Design

    In the design phase, we craft the visual style and build layouts around your content to ensure cohesion. We translate content into layouts using human centered design patterns to streamline the user experience and prevent usability problems before they appear.

  • Wireframe building
  • Visual palette creation
  • Asset development for button states, imagery, animations
  • Complete visual mockup
  • Reviews & revisions
  • 6. Code

    We transpose the mockup into code so we can “touch” the site or app for the first time. We’ll review it live as a group before continuing with the final development and deployment.

  • API mockups with dummy data
  • Specification writing
  • Development
  • Testing
  • Deployment
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