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Our collaboration reaches back to a childhood friendship: we’ve been putting our imaginations together for over twenty years. We started by making our own table-top role playing games, shooting stop motion LEGO movies, and designing our own levels in video games like Half-Life and Team Fortress 2.

Immersive spaces (both virtual and real), captivating stories, and new aesthetics have continued to drive our individual paths and professional lives.

Eric Schallock

Copy and content Pencil and blog post

Eric is a creative, technical writer. After applying an academic background in rhetoric to writing documentation, he rediscovered the importance of stories and has since been focused on marketing and copywriting. Eric is excited to create content that delights and informs as much as it converts.

Trevor Waldorf

Design and implementation paintbrush and code

Trevor is a maker and technologist. For the last eight years he has worked in technology and design in the Americas and Europe, designing and building products and brands for startups, agencies, and big institutions. He has a background in music and spends his free time doing math.

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